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Bloke in a pub!

I find myself facing a typical Monday morning, raining outside, traffic congestion that would try even the skills of Jenson Button and to top it all the first customer I have to engage in conversation has taken advice from a 'bloke in the pub.'

Of course we are all aware that the 'bloke in a pub' is the wealth of all knowledge. For instance  King Leonidas of Sparta had not actually sought advice from the Oracle on the eve of his epic battle with the Persians but in actual fact had gone down to the local tavern, had an impromptu knees up and following his success in the pub quiz asked the 'bloke in the tavern' for the best course of action against the Persians.

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I meet, on a daily basis, people who seem to have had their common sense removed at birth, or shortly thereafter! For example, how hard can it be to turn on your TV? Well, for some people, very hard it seems!

I had a customer on the phone recently 'demanding' that someone come out 'immediately' and fix his TV. After about 20 minutes of being screamed and shouted at and my vain attempts to pacifiy him proving to be futile, the irate customer confirmed that Yes 'it's plugged in' and 'No the batteries are fine,' I asked him to make sure the fuse in the plug was:

a) fitted correctly and b) had not blown and was still intact, to which the customer replied "Is that not your job?"

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