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Pioneer SC-LX89 9.2 Channel HDMI 2.0 AV Receiver

Pioneer SC-LX89, Pioneer SC-LX89-k £1799 9.2 Channel HDMI 2.0 AV Receiver,Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, 8x HDMI In,3x Out, USB-DAC,AirPlay,iPod/iPhone/iPad Dig … Read more
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Pioneer SC-LX89, Pioneer SC-LX89-k £1799 9.2 Channel HDMI 2.0 AV Receiver,Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, 8x HDMI In,3x Out, USB-DAC,AirPlay,iPod/iPhone/iPad Digital in,Internet Radio,USB input, ships with a 3 Year Warranty




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Pioneer SC-LX89-k Multichannel 9.2 Receiver
Free 3 Year Warranty 
Free mainland U.K. delivery

9.2-Channel AV receiver with Class D Amplification, Air Studios certification, Dolby Atmos, DTS: X, USB-DAC, 4K Upscaling/Pass Through, Dolby Atmos, Built-in Bluetooth and AVNavigator

Enjoy precise audio reproduction, just as the creators intended with the flagship AV receiver featuring Direct Energy HD (High fidelity class D) amplifier, SABRE32 Ultra DAC, and AIR Studios Monitor Certification. Dolby Atmos brings a new level of surround sound in the ideal environment made by Pioneer’s MCACC Pro auto-room calibration, while the object-based DTS:X format will also be available with firmware update. Other highlights include video scaler with Super Resolution, Ultra HD Pass-through with HDCP 2.2, and USB-DAC.

Defying the limits of Home Cinema
With this flagship AV receiver you will experience all your favourite films and music exactly as the creators intended. The SC-LX89 features only high-end components, each rigorously calibrated and professionally tuned by the legendary Air Studios, to bring studio quality sound right into your living room.

Especially for audiophiles, we equipped the SC-LX89 with a SABRE 32bit Ultra DAC and a powerful Class D Amplifier. Together, they reproduce music with unsurpassed fidelity, up to 220 watts per output channel. Unique to this AV receiver is the asynchronous USB-DAC, which allows a direct USB connection for your Mac or PC, supporting Native DSD and 192 kHz/32-bit audio content.

The cherry on the cake is the newest surround sound technology: Dolby Atmos. The SC-LX89 allows you to place overhead speakers for a multi-layered, dynamic, and three-dimensional sound that is completely in sync with the screen view, providing total immersion with unprecedented sound localisation and movement.

The SC-LX89-k has 8 HD inputs to cover all your HD sources and ships with a 3 Year Warranty

Dolby Atmos - Feel every dimension

This device supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround-sound formats. With their object-oriented designs these formats facilitate a perfect wraparound sound with precisely placed effects and realistic movement sequences in all three spatial axes. Loudspeaker arrangements of up to 11.2 channels are supported 


  4K/60p Ultra HD video 

Experience four times the current 1080p HD quality with 4K ultra-high resolution video. The receiver's 4K upscaling capabilities - up to 60p - make it possible to enjoy SD or HD content in 4K quality.


Massive Power

Audiophile level Class D amplification brings you unprecedented power output. Short signal paths ensure impeccable sound, while efficient cooling provides superior performance with lower power consumption (-44% vs analogue amps). Now with 4-16 Ohm speaker support.

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Hi Resolution Audio

Enjoy high-resolution audio playback like never before. This AV receiver supports both AIFF and Apple Lossless hi-resolution audio files. You can even playback the latest multichannel WAV and FLAC audio files.

Watch a Video Demonstration


Enjoy Spotify Connect

Enjoy on demand access to millions of songs with Spotify’s digital streaming service. This AV receiver is ready for Spotify Connect, which lets you select songs on your Spotify app to listen to on your audio system.

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Integrated USB-DAC

The SC-LX89 integrates an asynchronous USB-DAC, which eliminates jitter and reproduces master quality sound with extremely precise audio signals, even for Hi-bit32 Signal Processing. It allows a direct USB connection with a Mac or PC, supporting native DSD and 192kHz/32-bit music files

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Integrated Bluetooth

Easily stream songs from compatible devices using the built-in Bluetooth wireless technology. This AV receiver features A2DP and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). Supported codecs include SBC, AAC, and aptX.


Professional Audio Components

This receiver is equipped with a high quality SABRE Premier Audio DAC, a digital to analogue converter that produces crystal clear sound. The DAC also eliminates jitter, so the signal remains free of digital artefacts.


Multi-Zone capabilities

All new amplifiers offer simultaneous entertainment in multiple zones – including a HDZone with a dedicated HDMI output to an additional room. Up to four different mobile devices running Pioneer’s iControlAV5 App can simultaneously control the AV receiver to take full advantage of its multi-room capabilities.

Design Features includes:

• 3D Space Flame Construction
• Insulated Dual Chassis
• Rigid Trans-Stabiliser

Advanced Video Processing includes : 

Ultra HD Pass-through with HDCP 2.2 (4K/60p/4:4:4/24-bit, 4K/24p/4:4:4/36-bit, 4K/60p/4:2:2/36-bit)
Video Scaler (1080p to 4K) with Super Resolution
Triple HD Noise Reduction
Advanced Video Adjust
Stream Smoother/Stream Smoother Link
4K Main Zone : up to 4K 60p, 4:4:4, 24-bit
4K Dual (MAIN/HD ZONE): up to 4K 60p, 4:2:0, 24-bit

Home Network Features: 

IIntegrated Bluetooth
AirPlay Wireless Audio
DLNA Certified (1.5)
Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Music File Playback via LAN/USB (WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC)
192 kHz/24-bit Music File Playback (FLAC/WAV)
Internet Radio with vTuner 

Using Bluetooth audio streaming you can leave your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad or smartphone anywhere in the room or even carry it with you, while still enjoying your music. Also, you can stream directly from your PC.

The Sound Retriever AIR will restore sound quality lost during streaming.

With your local area network, you can even use your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad as a remote control thanks to our iControlAV home entertainment application. Read more about iControlAV5

HD audio formats are internally decoded for a supreme viewing experience.

iPod/iPhone/iPad compatible

A digital iPod USB connection provides direct plug-and-play enjoyment of anything on your iPod, iPad or iPhone. The digital connection guarantees transfer without A/D conversion, for minimal quality loss.

The Advanced Sound Retriever will greatly improve the sound quality of compressed audio.

Also, view your favourite photos and videos on screen, direcly from your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

9.2 Channel HDMI 2.0 AV Receiver featuring, Dolby Atnos, DTS:X, USB-DAC playback, AirPlay Wireless Audio


  • 220W per channel through 6 Ohms
  • 192KHz/24 bit DAC on all Nine Channels
  • HDMI Standby pass through
  • HDMI Standby input switching
  • MCACC Advanced Set up/5 Band
  • 2x Texas Instruments Aureus TMS320DA808  
  • Front HDMI (MHL) Input
  • Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration (sets up speakers and room acoustics automatically) with 5-Band EQ
  • 63 Station Direct Access Tuner with 3 speed Tuning
  • Preset Illuminated Remote Control
  • On Screen Display (for set up and testing)
  • 2x Pre-out for Subwoofer
  • Power Consumption: 370W/ 0.1W standby 

Sounds Flavours:

  • Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pro Logic IIz, Dolby TrueHD
  • DTS:X, DTS Neural:X, DTS, DTS-ES, DTS Neo X: 6, DTS 96/24, DTS Express, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, WMA 9 Pro, DTS Neural Sound
  • 11+1 (Action, Drama, Advanced Game, Sports, Classical, Rock/Pop, Extended Stereo, Front Stage Surround, Sound Retriever AIR, ECO MODE 1, ECO MODE 2 + Phones Surround)  

Video Features:

  • Frame Rate Conversion/ Deep Colour
  • 3D Ready/ 3D Noise Reduction
  • Video Scaler / Upscaling to 1080p
  • 4K Pass Through/ 4K Upscaling
  • 4K MAIN ZONE : up to 4K60p; 4:4:4 24 bit
  • 4K Dual (MAIN/HD ZONE) up to 4K60p; 4:2:0 24 bit
  • Resolution Parameter : AUTO/PURE/ 480p/ 720p/ 1080i/ 1080p/ 1080-24p/ 4K/4K-24p 
  • Aspect: Through/ Normal
  • Pure Cinema , I/P Conversion
  • Stream Smoother / Link
  • HDMI Standby Through / HDMI Standy Input Switching 

Audio Features:

  • Direct Energy Amplifier
  • 2x Texas Instruments Aureus™ (TMS320DA808) Digital Signal Processor
  • D/A Converter : 192 kHz / 24-bit / A/D Converter : 96 kHz / 24-bit
  • Hi Bit Sampling
  • Auto Level Control - Auto Level Control compensates for volume fluctuations between songs or sources, ensuring that what you hear is played back at a constant volume.
  • Digital Noise Reduction - New noise reduction technology keeps sound pristine as it comes from each source. Digital filtering analyses signal output from each separate frequency band, then attenuates noise in each band to an optimal level. In this way, only signal band noise that detracts from overall sound is suppressed, without degrading any dynamic characteristics of the original sound.
  • Front Stage Surround Advance - By simply placing your speakers directly beside your TV screen and activating the unique Front Stage Surround Advance feature, you can experience a virtual surround sound environment
  • Loudness - this mode boosts the bass and treble in a signal. It is useful for listening to music at low volumes
  • Midnight Listening Mode - If others are sleeping or studying, trying to enjoy a program quietly shouldn't compromise such sound qualities as surround effects or dialogue clarity
  • Phase Control - feature corrects the phase distortion as well as group delay for LFE (Low-Frequency Effects) audio signals during multi-channel playback
  • Advanced Sound Retreiver - function enhances compressed music formats, such as MP3, WMA or AAC and restores the music dynamics and harmonics to CD-sound quality
  • Sound Retreiver AIR - When audio is streamed using Bluetooth, sound quality is lost during transmission. Our Sound Retriever AIR brings back the original audio quality 

Stereo Mode: 220 watts 2 channels (@6 Ohm) Surround Mode: 260 watts 9 channels (@4 Ohm) 

Input/Output Connections:

  • HDMI YPbPr CVBS Digital Audio i/o Audio Zone 2/3 IR 12V Trigger Network Bluetooth Antenna
    x8 v2.0a Input x2 YPbPr Input x2 Input x2 Optical In x1 Output

    x4 L/R In

    x1 Phono

    Audio Output x2 In


    x1 USB-DAC


    LAN - 10/100MB/s

    Integrated AM/FM
    x3 Output

    x1 YPbPr Output 

    x1 Output x2 Coaxial In SW Pre-Out x2 Audio Output

    x1 Out


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435 mm
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